By | April 8, 2014


If you enjoyed last week’s blog post on shoes, settle in with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – here are more “shoe-perstitions” you may not have been aware of!


  • For those wearing shoes with laces, and who are looking for love, listen up! A superstition states that of your laces come undone by accident, look around you quickly before lacing them up again. It is thought that when a girl’s laces come undone, her future husband is thinking of her at the very moment.


  • Tying shoes to a wedding car is an old tradition. Not only good luck for the bridal couple, the bridesmaid (who traditionally was the one tying the shoe on) had her own agenda: like catching the bouquet, she who tied the shoe on would be the next to marry. So if there were many shoes tied to the back of the bridal car, there were many girls looking to soon be wed! This tradition dates back to England in the days of carriages. A similar custom in Transylvania was performed to increase fertility of the bridal couple.

Tying shoes to a wedding car

  • An old Highland form of fortune telling saw a shoe held by the toe and thrown over one’s house on Halloween. The direction the toe faced when the shoe landed signified the direction in which the home’s occupants were destined to travel. If the shoe landed sloe-up, it was considered to be very bad luck.


  • An old Scottish custom saw the bridegroom undo his laces or buckle of his right shoe at the church door.


  • In Lancashire, if one is trying to conceive, she should try on shoes belonging to a woman who has just given birth.


  • A shoe on a charm bracelet symbolises luck and good furtune.



  • Shoes taken from the feet of a dead man are considered to be VERY unlucky. Don’t do it!


  • A Hawaiian superstition states that wearing shoes in the house will bring the devil in. So go barefoot inside your “Hawaiian” home at all times! And let’s face it, those strappy sandals are worth keeping for going out, aren’t they?


  • An old shoe is considered to be lucky! So no matter how many new pairs you invest in, keep some old favourites…

Next week will be the conclusion of this short series on superstitions and strange customs relating to shoes. Stay tuned – because as weird as some already shared are, the strangest are yet to come!

Yours Jalni