Caring for your High Heels

By | June 4, 2014

Everything you need to know to make your favourite pair of fabulous high heels last forever!

• Clean your heels regularly. Always remove dirt from the shoe before cleaning. Leather shoes can be cleaned with a few drops of vinegar applied to a cotton cloth. Never use water to clean shoes.

• Polish. Leather heels should be polished regularly – polish conditions the leather, maintains it by retaining natural oils, and covers marks and stains.

Clean Leather

• Remove stains promptly. Mud stains can be removed from sandals and heels using a sponge then wiping off with a soft cotton cloth. Suede erasers can be bought to remove stains from suede shoes.

• Use Heel Stoppers on unpaved ground. No, they don’t look fantastic. But on grassed areas they will save the life of your shoes – and nothing looks worse than a beautiful high heeled shoe with mud, dirt, and grass stuck to the heel.

• Heels will last much longer in pristine condition if they are walked in for minimal distances. Going for a night out? Have a pair of flat slip-ons or flip flops in your handbag if walking long distances at the end of the night. There is nothing like bad roads to ruin a fabulous pair of heels.

• Embellished shoes, suede shoes, or any shoes which are “special” should be kept in a shoebox, dust bags or shoe cover. Having them in a pile of shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe will not preserve their condition.

Dust bag

• Check the condition of your shoes on a regular basis. Have soles repaired. When the heel taps or half soles begin to wear, take them to a good cobbler for repair and rejuvenation. The cost is minimal compared with the benefit of having those favourite heels last longer.

Repair heels

• Have shoes waterproofed. A waterproofing protector spray is invaluable – you never know when it might rain! If shoes do get wet, leave them in a cool dry place with good air circulation. A hairdryer used on a low heat setting can also be helpful.

• Take care of odours. Sprinkle some baking soda into the soles and leave overnight; any odours will be absorbed. Use a soft cloth the following morning to remove.

Vinegar and baking soda

• Give your shoes a rest! Shoes should be rested at least every second day – they can breathe, reshape, and will stay in top condition for much longer.

• Never drive in stiletto heels. The pressure driving exerts on the heels can cause them to break. Keep a pair of slip on flats in the car for driving.

• Use insoles, heel grips, etc to maximise comfort when required. There’s no point having a gorgeous pair of shoes if you don’t wear them!
With a little attention and TLC, your favourite high heels will last for years – if not forever!

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