Stiletto Heels: From the Lowest of Lows to the Highest of Highs

By | November 26, 2014

Stiletto Heels: From the Lowest of Lows to the Highest of Highs

From ballet flats to the highest of stiletto heels, there is a heel to suit every outfit, personal style statement, occasion, and wearer ability. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualise heel heights when people talk about “six inch heels” or “two inch heels”; here’s the low down on heels to make life a little simpler…

• Ballet Flats – are, literally, flat to the ground, perhaps with a tiny quarter inch heel. Be warned, for many people, flat does not equate to comfortable.

• Two-Inch Heels – or kitten heels. These can look great in a stiletto style; sling-backs are particularly feminine. These are comfortable to wear all day long, even if you’re walking distances and on your feet.

• Three-Inch Heels – again, these can look amazing in a stiletto-style heel – and are traditionally considered to be the “classic” heel height. These heels look great in a round, pointed, or peep toe; they are easy to wear, and are just high enough to consider a wider heel and still look stylish.

• Four-Inch Heels – are classy and sassy, and great for after work or occasion wear. These heels can transform even the most shapeless leg, and make the wearer walk taller and more elegantly. The angle of the foot in these heels is quite high, and here is where a small platform at the toe (hidden or open) can make life a little more comfortable.

• Four and a half Inch Heels – to walk in these feels the same as four inch heels, as these have a half inch toe platform. They just look that little bit more impressive – these are truly statement shoes.


• Six-Inch Heels – super sky high, these statement heels are not for the faint of heart. They have a large toe platform, which makes wearing them much easier than you’d expect, but they do take some commitment to practise and careful walking. Not advisable if you need to navigate a cobbled street!

Some of us find it easier to successfully wear sky high heels than others do. Also, keep in mind that the larger your foot, the easier it is to comfortably wear really high heels – as, relatively, your foot is not at as high an angle. Having small feet does not preclude you from wearing the highest of heels (hello, Kylie Minogue!), but it will take some practise. If you have a smaller foot, and find it all a little too difficult, consider a shoe style with a platform – this instantly takes away up to an inch or more from the engineering side of the shoe and the angle your foot is elevated, yet you keep the full heel height. It’s a win-win.


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