Styling for Peep Toe Heels in Summer

By | December 6, 2014

Peep toe heels are a very classy style which can be worn almost all year round. The key to wearing them is to get the styling of them right.

Born in the 1940s, peep toe heels have been a cutting edge trend in footwear for the past few years and they continue to be a great go-to look for summer. They are that rare combination of sophisticated and sexy – and can take you from the office to a party effortlessly.

There are some distinct rules for successfully styling peep toe heels…
• Choose a pair that flatters your legs – if you have short or stumpy legs, choose a pair in a nude tome or one which is similar to your skin tone – this will help create the illusion of an elongated leg.


• Choose the right size. You don’t want your toes hanging out the end of the shoe – this never looks good.

• The beauty of summer is that you needn’t wear hosiery – but you should always make sure your nails are neat and trimmed. Chipped polish looks cheap, so it’s better to wear none. Long, jagged nails ruin even the most beautiful shoe. Even if you don’t wear polish, your nails must be pedicured or the entire look will be ruined.

• If you do choose to wear flesh tone hosiery with peep toes, choose a pair of hose which are toeless. They will look much classier, sexier, and more contemporary than flesh toned stockings on open toes ever will. (When I think of hose and open toes, I envision elderly ladies with ugly feet and orthopaedic sandals – it’s just not the look you want to be inspired by). Open toe hosiery is readily available and, with the right shoes, looks great. Peep toes are perfect for this.

Montana Aqua

• If you’re wearing sling backs, make sure you remove dry skin and calluses from your heels.

Almost any peep toe heel style can be worn in summer; some are more suited to casual wear, while others are for occasion wear. Peep toe heels come in a range of styles – pumps, d’Orsay pumps, sling backs, stilettos, and sandals. The choices are endless and we have an array of peep toe heel designs in stock for summer here at Jaspa King, Check out our range today – don’t you deserve a new pair of party shoes this summer?

Jalni Shah
CEO & Cofounder
Jaspa King Shoes