Are Peep Toe Pumps Appropriate Corporate Wear?

By | January 3, 2015

The question of the suitability of peep toe pumps for office and work wear presents something of a conundrum. Some people consider that they are perfectly suitable for corporate wear; others believe that even a hint of toe is inappropriate in the office.

Peep toe pumps (and, really, any style of peep toe shoe) add a subtle hint of sensuality to an outfit. For work or corporate wear, the best peep toes are pumps in a neutral colour and with a mid-high heel, a la Kate Middleton.

The buzz about the wearing of peep toes in the corporate world relates to the question of whether women who choose to wear them for work put their credibility at risk with the exposure of their toes – even if it’s just the tips of the toes. Many people in the corporate world, especially that most rigid of professions, law, consider toes and feet to be either too ugly for the workplace, or too sexy for the workplace.

It seems that cues need to be taken from the individual environment and workplace. Some have more stringent, traditionalist and conservative dress codes; others are more forgiving and forward-thinking. For offices which do allow peep toes, choose a conservative pump in a classic style, with a modest peep toe hole. Keep skirts at or just below the knee.

To a large extent, the question of suitability of this style of shoe is determined by the workplace culture and the personal opinions of management.

The answer is simply to take your cues from others who are superior in the office hierarchy, and to also consider the tone and atmosphere of your workplace. Check the office dress code. Always make sure that if you do wear peeptoes in the workplace, your nails are clean, trimmed, and pedicured perfectly. Long toenails are NEVER attractive! Natural varnish is better in the workplace than bright colours as well. Also, avoid wearing sky-high heels in the corporate workplace. And remember, wearing pantyhose over open toes has been firmly out of style since 1986. Just saying.

If in doubt, particularly if you work in the legal profession play it safe and wear closed-toe pumps. Reserve your sexy peeptoes for playtime.

Yours Jalni Shah
CEO & Cofounder
Jaspa King Shoes