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The Most Iconic Shoes in Cinema

Shoes have long had a starring role in cinema – to create a character, to make a statement of some kind, or to symbolise an idea. When we think of certain films, the first thing that comes to mind is a featured pair of shoes – the shoes really are the star of the show, […]

Shoe-perstitions & Trivia

Settle in for the conclusion to our short series on superstitions and strange shoe-related trivia. Did you know…?   Actors are a very superstitious bunch. Amongst the superstitions they subscribe to is that on the first entrance of an actor onto a stage or set, a squeaking shoe is a good omen. Silence is not […]


  If you enjoyed last week’s blog post on shoes, settle in with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – here are more “shoe-perstitions” you may not have been aware of!   For those wearing shoes with laces, and who are looking for love, listen up! A superstition states that of your […]

Part 2: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – Fun Facts &Trivia

Continuing from last time, here are more snippets of trivia and fun facts about shoes. In ancient Egypt, footwear was symbolic of social class. Slaves went barefoot, or at best wore sandals constructed from palm leaves. Commoners wore papyrus sandals. Higher status citizens wore sandals that were pointed, and those of the aristocracy were allowed […]

Part 1: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – Fun Facts &Trivia

It’s fair to say that many of us (especially women) are in the throes of a love affair with shoes. While we get particularly excited about peep toe pumps and stiletto heels, any shoe will catch our attention – for either the wrong reasons, or all the right ones. To pay homage to this ongoing […]

Susanna Blogs about Jaspa King Sandals & Pumps

Melbourne blogger, Susanna has been blogging about all things food and fashion since April 2012 after 4 years in the fashion industry.   In November 2013, Susanna blogged about Richmond sandals and New York pumps from the first range of Jaspa King heels.   Read Susanna’s blog here: