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Caring for your High Heels

Everything you need to know to make your favourite pair of fabulous high heels last forever! • Clean your heels regularly. Always remove dirt from the shoe before cleaning. Leather shoes can be cleaned with a few drops of vinegar applied to a cotton cloth. Never use water to clean shoes. • Polish. Leather heels […]

High Heel Racing – Not for the Fainthearted!

Let’s face it: even the most comfortable high heels of the finest quality aren’t always exactly comfortable to walk in. So it goes without saying that running in heels is something most of us avoid at all costs. There is no surer way to invite an ankle injury, a skinned knee, or an inelegant tumble! […]

Famous People – and What They Had to Say About Shoes!

Shoes are such a part of our psyche and our culture that many people have had much to say about them. No other accessory or garment creates as much dialogue as our humble (or not so humble) footwear. Here are some thoughts from the most famous amongst us with regards to shoes… • “I still […]

Essentials for Every Woman’s Shoe Wardrobe

There are some items every woman simply must have in her shoe arsenal. With a pair of each, every possible occasion and look is covered – whatever the season, or the mood of the day (or night). Do you have a pair of each of these? Black High Heels. From court shoes to peep toe […]

Shoe-perstitions & Trivia

Settle in for the conclusion to our short series on superstitions and strange shoe-related trivia. Did you know…?   Actors are a very superstitious bunch. Amongst the superstitions they subscribe to is that on the first entrance of an actor onto a stage or set, a squeaking shoe is a good omen. Silence is not […]


  If you enjoyed last week’s blog post on shoes, settle in with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – here are more “shoe-perstitions” you may not have been aware of!   For those wearing shoes with laces, and who are looking for love, listen up! A superstition states that of your […]

Strange Superstitions about Shoes

Search hard enough and you will find a superstition or old wives tale about almost anything: black cats, broken mirrors, spilling salt, and the number thirteen, the opal gemstone, crossing fingers … the list goes on. There is also a range of superstitions pertaining to shoes. Here are just a few… For anyone who is […]