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Love Your Feet and They Will Love You Back…

Whether we live in high heels, ballet flats, comfy Ugg boots, or favour going barefoot, our feet bare the brunt of our weight, the hard ground, and everything we do to them. They literally walk millions of steps over our lives. The wear and tear our feet experience over many years can be reflected in […]

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Did you know that there has actually been scientific research into what shoes say about their wearer? A 2012 study published in the professional magazine, the Journal of Research in Personality, stated that a person’s choice in footwear can be an indicator of up to ninety percent of their personality. This was determined by the […]

Famous People – and What They Had to Say About Shoes!

Shoes are such a part of our psyche and our culture that many people have had much to say about them. No other accessory or garment creates as much dialogue as our humble (or not so humble) footwear. Here are some thoughts from the most famous amongst us with regards to shoes… • “I still […]

Keeping Your Feet Looking Good in Winter

It’s that time of year again: the weather is beginning to cool down and we begin to rug up. We put away the strappy sandals and pull out the boots and socks. While the change in season (and, hence, change in fashions) can be welcome, it’s really important to not forget to care for your […]

Shoe-perstitions & Trivia

Settle in for the conclusion to our short series on superstitions and strange shoe-related trivia. Did you know…?   Actors are a very superstitious bunch. Amongst the superstitions they subscribe to is that on the first entrance of an actor onto a stage or set, a squeaking shoe is a good omen. Silence is not […]


  If you enjoyed last week’s blog post on shoes, settle in with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – here are more “shoe-perstitions” you may not have been aware of!   For those wearing shoes with laces, and who are looking for love, listen up! A superstition states that of your […]