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How to Wear High Heels Safely

High heeled shoes – stilettos, peep toe pumps, strappy sandals – look amazing. They are sexy, sassy, and elevate not only your height but your look instantly from blah to sensational. The benefits of wearing heels are myriad: • feel confident, powerful, sexy and glamorous; • elongate the legs; • define the calves; • create […]

Graceful, Elegant … How to Walk in High Heels

FLet’s face it, walking in high heels takes practice. Some of us find it much easier than others do, but walking in heels is something we can all master – and it can be only to our benefit to do so. With so many gorgeous pairs of stilettos, peep toe heels, and strappy sandals out […]

Famous People – and What They Had to Say About Shoes!

Shoes are such a part of our psyche and our culture that many people have had much to say about them. No other accessory or garment creates as much dialogue as our humble (or not so humble) footwear. Here are some thoughts from the most famous amongst us with regards to shoes… • “I still […]

Why Women Wear High Heels

It cannot be understated how much women love to wear high heels. From pumps to high heeled strappy sandals, many of us have an adoration bordering on obsession. But why?   High heels are empowering. They make us taller, look slimmer, and our legs to appear longer. We can look our taller (male) counterparts in […]